• How is Harriet's life after Ben's birth (in her opinion) ?

    First picture (the little girl on a chair): She feels alone, removed by her family (she feels guilty and David must think she was responsible of the disaster), she feels powerless (it's too late, she can't go back in time, she must threaten Ben (to send him back to the institution) so that he obeys her)

    Second, third and fourth picture: aiming too high entertains tragic events. There is the idea of vicious circle (it's too late), the tower of Babel falls down, it provokes despair.

    The last picture : Arnolfini portrait, Van Eyck: a traditional wedding, the bed can symbolize the cursed object in Harriet and David's house (baby maker), it's seems to be an auster wedding (they have pale face, cursed object, etc) which foreshadows problems for the couple. It's the same for Harriet and David.

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