• Comparison: Harriet and the others

    Here's a parrallel we could draw between Harriet and other historical or fictionnal figures:

    Harriet and other figures

    First, Rapunzel. It's a german tale about a girl with beautiful hair who is locked up in an ivory tower by an enchantress. Her pretext is that being in the tower and never coming out of it will prevent Rapunzel from being harmed.

    Similarly, Harriet and her family are not at all attracted by the outside. Their house is were they want to live permenantly because they think it will protect them from the bad things happening out there. But then, they can't understand what is going on in real life and most importantly, they become socially inapt. That is to say, they are considered as freaks because they are at odds with the rest of the world. They thought they could live like in a fairytale!

    Harriet and other figures 

    Then we could talk about Marie-Antoinette, the Queen of France and of Navarre in the 1700's. Her and her husband Louis XVI were irresponsible and vain. They only cared about themselves and at the end, the poor people of France rebelled against the careless royalities who lost their heads.

    Harriet and David are a childish couple who consider thamselves like monarchs. Their realm is the house and the subjects are the family. By giving parties and dinners, they think they are influencing everything, that thanks to them, under their rule, the family is happier. However as they were doing nonsense, just like Marie and Louis, they just went straight to hell. They don't have the money and they can't have as much children as they ought to have. This costed them to be live a tragic life and like the King and Queen who lost their heads, they lost their prestige since the arrival of Ben.

    Harriet and other figures


    His father told Icarus not to fly to close from the sun. He didn't listen. Greek mythological character Icarus, with his wings made of wax, tried to escape from Crete but ignored Daedalus' instructions. As a result, the wax melted and he fell into the sea. 

    Everybody, Harriet's mum and sisters, David's parents and cousins and siblings, told them it was crazy. It's impossible to afford such a huge house and take care of ten children. But they didn't listen, they listened to hubris instead. Stubborness was what caused their doom.


    Article by Jason